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About me

So this is it! Three years studying for a degree in BA Illustration at The University Of Worcester, and now Michael Finch is attempting to find his way in the big scary world of freelance illustration. 


Michael works with a wide variety of subject matter, predominantly human and social issues. He combines a passion for typography with a mixture of print media and digital drawing to create bold illustrations ideal for editorial publication.




"Throughout university, I have dipped my toe in the water of many different styles and genres of illustration. I have found that my work revolves around the need to communicate a message or meaning, and subsequently, I find myself drawn to creating illustrations for an editorial format. I tend to vary my style and use of media to complement the specifications of a brief, however, a keen eye for observation and detail forms the backbone to my illustrations."


"I'm on the lookout for new opportunities so if you’re interested in a commission, collaboration, or just a chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch."  -  Michael.

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